What makes
the ultimate

Why are we always looking to complicate things?

Having this in mind, we decided to creatively re-invent the all-time classic and beloved round and crisp lukumádes, with honey and cinnamon in a simple yet modern shop concept.

The original lukumádes, which we know since our childhood years, are freshly fried in an open-kitchen, right in front of the house, being served in the ideal warming temperature.

Our recipe is old, simple, traditional and above all perfectly executed.


In order to satisfy even the biggest sweet lover, we started thinking of more mixing options so... we applied our unique signature “injection” process, added ice-cream on the side, topped different spreads... and nut/biscuit trimmings...

see the menu!

Sweet or Savory, try our Lukumádes & fall in love with your favorite combination!