The Concept


Why we are always ending up complicated things ? Having this in mind, we decided to create a simple yet modern space offering the all-time classic and beloved round and crisp lukumades with honey and cinnamon. The original lukumades which we all know since kids are being made in an open-kitchen, freshly-fried in front of your eyes and being served in the perfect warming temperature. Our recipe is old, simple, traditional and above all perfectly executed. In order to satisfy even the most demanding lukumades lovers, we started thinking of more mixing options so... We fiilled them with a unique "injection" procedure, we put ice cream on the side...and many other different and delicious toppings... We present them to you filled with chocolate praline, lemon and mastiha cream, with vanilla-honey ice cream & caramelized almonds, kazan dipi ice cream for more oriental memories or deeped in hot chocolate praline. Come over to taste our lukumades and discover your favorite combination !


The common philosophy of all people in LUKUMAΔΕΣ is love for authentic products such as lukumades, with deep roots in the Greek tradition. For this reason we have chosen to not alter their classic traditional form, keeping the core of the old recipe and simply adapting it with more healthy materials that are available today in the market.

Customer Satisfaction

Our main goal is your total satisfaction and memorable experience in all your visits at LUKUMAΔΕΣ. Our team is working hard to maintain the high quality of our products, while providing prompt service and endless fun ! We urge you to inform us for any unfortunate event or improvement proposal you would like to make for our continuous development.


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Events & Parties

We would be glad to organise the LUKUMAΔΕΣ experience at any place you wish with our mobile cart or by customizing an open-kitchen setup that will match the aesthetics of your area and serve authentic lukumades fresh and hot, right of the fryer..!

Let us know more details about your party, wedding, christening, corporate or social event and we will make sure to plan everything necessary to accomplish the very best outcome that will fascinate your guests !






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